Island Scene Weekend Roundup – 8 March 2013

weekendroundupAnother Friday has rolled around again, and it’s time for the weekend! Here’s the deal on what’s going on this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in St. Lucia. Did we miss anything? Submit a tip and let us know! You can also message Island Scene 758 on Facebook and Twitter to give us the heads up on your event or activity! Read onwards for the schedule: Continue reading


Tickets for Saint Lucia Jazz are now on sale!


Although Saint Lucia’s biggest music festival does not begin until April 30, event organisers Saint Lucia Tourist Board have wasted no time! All ticketed events are on sale online right now! Prices this year will attract VAT of 15%, however they are otherwise unchanged. Unfortunately, only single event tickets are available at this time, hopefully season passes will be available at a later date. Check out the full schedule for St. Lucia Jazz 2013. The folks running the Facebook page do not seem to have updated with 2013 information, but hopefully they will become active soon.

National Arts Festival: Artreach Updates


Saint Lucia’s National Arts Festival has been running since February 20th, with events continuing until April 7th. This year, the Cultural Development Foundation decided to decentralize the celebrations into the communities. This was done in hopes of expanding  public participation in and access to the events on the schedule.

Early signs indicate that this strategy has been somewhat successful. Community Festivals have been held in Soufriere and Vieux-Fort, with more to come around the island. This weekend, the festivities continue – check out the schedule below:

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Alliance Francaise De Ste Lucie: International Women’s Day CineClub Movie

Friday, 8 March 2013, is celebrated around the world as International Women’s Day. This day of – has been celebrated since the early 1900s, starting off with spontanous protests by women demanding voting rights and better working conditions. In 1911, the first official International Women’s Day was observed.

This year, L’Alliance Francaise De Sainte Lucie will be screening an 80 minute film called “Women are Heroes”. Directed by J.R., an anonymous “street art” known for his massive installations of portraiture, the movie is a project with many images, and few words, highlighting the lives of women in Africa, Brazil, India, and Cambodia, According to J.R.

My intention is to highlight the dignity of women who occupy crucial roles in societies, and find themselves victims of wartime, street crime, sexual assault, and religious and political extremism.

“Women are Heroes” will be screened this Friday, 8 March at 6 pm at the pyramid in Point Seraphine. After the screening, there will be an opportunity for discussion. Visit the event here and register your interest, and follow St. Lucia’s Alliance Francaise to keep informed about all their activities. Stay tuned for Island Scene 758 for news on other activities scheduled for International Women’s Day.


Photo of the Day


Architect by trade, Dexter Fassale is one of the new crop of St. Lucian photographers who find magic in this Helen of the West. While not a professional photographer, Dexter gives his creative side expression with shots that capture the beauty of every day Saint Lucian life. Follow his work on his Facebook page, and be sure to let him know that Island Scene 758 says hello!

Island Scene Weekend Roundup – 1 March 2013

weekendroundupIt’s time to throw off our shackles  and get ready for the weekend! Decisions, Decisions – where do I go? What do I do? Island Scene 758 has got you covered! What else is happening on your weekend scene? Submit a tip and let us know! You can also message Island Scene 758 on Facebook and Twitter to give us the heads up on your event or activity! Read onwards for the schedule: Continue reading

Island Music Friday: Love You Better (Shayne Ross)


Saint Lucian crooner Shayne Ross caused a stir on the local music scene when he released his latest single “Love You Better” on St. Valentine’s Day this year. This sweet, simple love song’s catchy melodies will have you singing along on your very first listen. Earlier today on Facebook Shayne promised that he would be releasing a download link shortly, so of course Island Scene will be letting everyone know as soon as it happens! Be sure to like, follow, or subscribe below so you don’t miss out!