Island Music Friday: Wi, Ca Vwey (Sesenne Descartes)


Before we begin, Island Scene 758 must give advance apologies for the mangled Kweyol in the title!

We are confident that if you conducted a survey which included every single St. Lucian over the age of 5 (all ~175,000 of us), it would be difficult to find anybody who did NOT know who Sesenne was. The Grande Dame of cultural music on the island, Sesenne was St. Lucia’s greatest chantwelle. Her signature vocals provided the soundtrack to our cultural celebrations year after year, until it is almost impossible to think of La Woz, La Marguerite, or Jounen Kweyol without thinking of Sesenne. A cherished national heroine, St. Lucia suffered a great loss upon Sesenne’s passing in 2010.


Island Music Friday: Why (Barbara Cadet)


Barbara Cadet is a powerhouse in Saint Lucian Music. With 3 CDs under her belt, this jazz songstress has been refining her art for over 20 years. Singer, songwriter, musician, and teacher, Barbara has either worked with, influenced or taught the vast majority of people in the St. Lucia music scene today. She has performed all over the world, as well as at numerous iterations of St. Lucia’s very own Jazz Festival. After listening to this one, check out the rest of her music on her official MySpace page.

Island Music Friday: Parle Parle (Q-Pid)


Even though this one doesn’t have a video, this was such a fantastic song we just had to include it in this week’s women-focused Island Music Friday. Q-Pid has been making waves on the local and regional soca scene since 2003. With great melodies, infectious beats, and singable lyrics, Melissa Moses is one of the most anticipated artists every Carnival Season. Turn up your volume, get up from your desk, and dance to this one again and again!

National Arts Festival: Artreach Updates


Saint Lucia’s National Arts Festival has been running since February 20th, with events continuing until April 7th. This year, the Cultural Development Foundation decided to decentralize the celebrations into the communities. This was done in hopes of expanding  public participation in and access to the events on the schedule.

Early signs indicate that this strategy has been somewhat successful. Community Festivals have been held in Soufriere and Vieux-Fort, with more to come around the island. This weekend, the festivities continue – check out the schedule below:

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Alliance Francaise De Ste Lucie: International Women’s Day CineClub Movie

Friday, 8 March 2013, is celebrated around the world as International Women’s Day. This day of – has been celebrated since the early 1900s, starting off with spontanous protests by women demanding voting rights and better working conditions. In 1911, the first official International Women’s Day was observed.

This year, L’Alliance Francaise De Sainte Lucie will be screening an 80 minute film called “Women are Heroes”. Directed by J.R., an anonymous “street art” known for his massive installations of portraiture, the movie is a project with many images, and few words, highlighting the lives of women in Africa, Brazil, India, and Cambodia, According to J.R.

My intention is to highlight the dignity of women who occupy crucial roles in societies, and find themselves victims of wartime, street crime, sexual assault, and religious and political extremism.

“Women are Heroes” will be screened this Friday, 8 March at 6 pm at the pyramid in Point Seraphine. After the screening, there will be an opportunity for discussion. Visit the event here and register your interest, and follow St. Lucia’s Alliance Francaise to keep informed about all their activities. Stay tuned for Island Scene 758 for news on other activities scheduled for International Women’s Day.


St. Lucia’s Time to Shine? Simon Cowell launches global YouTube talent search!


This one could be what St. Lucia has been waiting for! We all know that our tiny 238 square mile piece of heaven is chock full of the most beautiful and talented people on the planet. Now is our chance to show the world what we’ve got!

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Weekend Treat: Blogshare

Weekends around here mean life at an easier pace, spent mostly outdoors and away from the computer, so Island Scene 758 won’t be updating the blog at our regular pace until Monday. We’ve still got you covered though, Island Scene 758 is on Facebook and Twitter,  for updates on the go!

So what do you do in the meantime? You head over to James Creasy’s blog and look at his amazing photos.

James is a photographer from the UK who is spending some time in St. Lucia on a work assignment (how lucky can you get?), and he and his beautiful model Michelle are taking full advantage of St. Lucia’s vibrant island scene. His portfolio of amazing shots will definitely keep you amused and clicking until Monday. Until then, we’ll see you at the beach!

Island Music Friday: Love You Better (Shayne Ross)


Saint Lucian crooner Shayne Ross caused a stir on the local music scene when he released his latest single “Love You Better” on St. Valentine’s Day this year. This sweet, simple love song’s catchy melodies will have you singing along on your very first listen. Earlier today on Facebook Shayne promised that he would be releasing a download link shortly, so of course Island Scene will be letting everyone know as soon as it happens! Be sure to like, follow, or subscribe below so you don’t miss out!

Island Music Friday: Waiting for you (Michael Robinson feat. Kayo) [updated]

Michael Robinson SLUMichael Robinson is a young St. Lucian singer with a silky-smooth voice. Although relatively new on the scene, his work already shows the signs of unmistakable quality. His latest effort, a R&B ballad featuring Halifax-based St. Lucian born rap sensation Kayo, is wonderfully crisp and perfectly suited for adding to your easy-listening rotation. Give it a listen, then go download it for FREE on SoundCloud!


(updated March 1, 2013)

SPLAT – Colours of War. March 8, 2013. Register today!

Does the idea of guerrilla warfare in a tropical island setting appeal to you? If it does, you should definitely check out Paintball St. Lucia’s SPLAT. Cost is EC$ 70 per person, and that gets you a SPLAT pack, complimentary water and energy drinks throughout the event, basic paintball gear (facemask, chest protector, paintball marker and 100 paintballs). Shout them on Facebook or Twitter for full details.