Will public sector workers show up today? [updated]

Update: Island Scene 758 has been able to confirm that there is no Fire Service available at GFL airport and therefore no flights have been able to land since 9 am. As of this time, at least one LIAT flight has been diverted to UVF airport. Keep following Island Scene 758 for more details as they become available.

Questions concept

With wage negotiations between Saint Lucia’s government and her civil servants at an apparent standstill and almost inevitably headed toward arbitration, rumours are swirling that public sector workers will be taking additional industrial action today and tomorrow.

As yet there has been no word from Union bosses as to what, if any, directives have been passed down to the rank and file. Island Scene 758 can only advise readers to proceed as normal while conducting business with the public service, but be prepared for any possible delays or interruptions in service. Parents of school-age children are encouraged to make contingency plans in the event that schools are closed. Island Scene 758 will be updating news about any public sector disturbance as it happens.

Are you noticing any abnormalities? Tell us in the comments below, or go ahead and submit a report to us!


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