Photo of the Day

There’s an old saying in St. Lucia much overused by local radio DJs: “When it’s nice, play it twice!” Felix Digital Art captures his second POTD nod here on Island Scene a mere week since the first, and we’re loving it.

“A picture says a thousand words”. Yawn, tell us something we don’t know. But wait, look again. This one’s got waaaay more than a thousand going on. This one’s got stories, and stories, and stories to tell. What stories? I’m glad you asked!

I hear a story about St. Lucia’s inner beauty, the culture she cherishes. I hear stories about hidden rumshops, about wakes, about a lime that is not a lime until someone goes to set up the board. I can hear whispers about the unfolding of potential, about possibilities seen and unseen, about uncertainty, about partners and cut-throat.

Far from just producing pretty things for us to look at, photographers are telling their stories every time they press the shutter. Why don’t we talk back! What’s the Photo of the Day telling you? Let us know in the comments, or on Mygell’s Facebook Page!


Talk about this!

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