Listen to WASCO present their case LIVE tomorrow evening!

imagegenA message from the National Consumer Association distributed via email says that NCA has has organised a town hall meeting at City Hall on Peynier St. (Castries City Council auditorium) on Thursday evening at 5:00 p.m.

 WASCO has been invited to present its case to our members and the public.  We hope to hear from the Commissioners as well.

Members and the public will be given the chance to voice their concerns about the proposed tariff increases, and seek clarification from the WASCO representatives.  I am hoping to get Darnell Martial and Treverne Yorke to present WASCO’s case, since these two gentlemen were on the airwaves with Winston Springer this afternoon.

If you want to get more clarity on WASCO’s proposed tariff increase, please make your voice heard! Attend Thursday’s NCA Town Hall meeting – that’s at 5 p.m. Thursday 28 Feb at the City Hall Auditorium.


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