“30 Days of Progress” tour to provide assistance to St. Lucia small business!


The Brantford Expositor reports that four businessmen are planning a trip to St. Lucia later this year in a project called 30 Days of Progress. They plan to be on island from Nov 1 to Dec 1, 2013. The goal of this project is to be a ‘collaborative, community-building project’ aimed at developing the community and culture of small businesses on the island. Doug Radkey, the man behind the idea, explains:

I was in St. Lucia three years ago for a honeymoon and I took notice of the small-business culture and of the small-business community. There’s a lot of areas where the businesses could use some help to improve.

Radkey and colleagues hope to work with the Chamber of Commerce to identify a few small businesses to work with during their 30 days on island. Also in the cards are sessions open to the public. A parallel project to provide local schools with skill-building materials and mentorship for literacy and entrepeneurship will also take place. Read the full story at the Brantford Expositor, and follow / engage the 30 Days of Progress project on Facebook!


4 thoughts on ““30 Days of Progress” tour to provide assistance to St. Lucia small business!

  1. Reblogged this on boomingbizinesses and commented:
    The 30 Days of Progress Tour got some “ink” this week, in Ontario and in Saint Lucia. Check it out! We are honored by the support! Thank You!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing our article and story. We look forward to our venture in November while working WITH the businesses and students of Saint Lucia. If anyone has questions or would like to help by sponsoring, please follow the Facebook page and engage with us! We look forward to connecting.

    • Island Scene 758 is committed to the positive development of our country and will be following the story with great interest. Do you have any plans for any ‘open-house’ type symposia for micro-enterprise? This is a category which seems to be exploding here on island, especially in the creative field, but business skills are sorely lacking.

      • We do plan to hold a series of full-day and half-day seminars during our 30 day visit which would be very beneficial to micro-enterprises. Details are still being worked out for the full itinerary of the 30 days, but we do not expect those to be “finalized” until closer to our departure. We will however keep everyone up to date and we look forward to the involvement of a variety of businesses in Saint Lucia.

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